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Alfons Haar Ltd – UK company registration No 3049373

For over 60 years the name Alfons Haar has been synonymous with highly engineered mobile fuelling solutions. Today at our plant in Hamburg Germany we manufacture a vast array of fuel pumping, metering and dispensing equipment. Our industry leading fuel and lpg metering systems based on our PreciCONTROL technology are the culmination of decades of fuel metering system development, while our expertise in precision transfer technology has also lead to a range of high volume air compressors for bulk powder discharge.

Alfons Haar Ltd is an Alfons Haar group company.

Alfons Haar Maschinenbau GmbH & Co KG was established in 1949 by German engineer Alfons Haar with a simple vision to build highly engineered machinery and provide exceptional whole of life value for customers.

Based in Leeds, Alfons Haar is a trusted mobile applications leader in the fuel, LPG and powder transport industries.